SPT Precision Tools

Founded in 2017, SPT Precision Tools procures and distributes high specification tungsten carbide rods, advanced materials and high precision end mills to the Swiss market.

The teamís expertise and long experience ensures quality procurement for clients. By partnering only with certified material suppliers and companies with stringent quality control measures applied throughout the manufacturing and coating processes, SPT makes sure that the products it sells perform well above average and offer a longer service life.

SPT is proud of its flexible, state-of-the-art logistics system that ensures fast, easy ordering, and reliable deliveries to clients.

SPT is able to offer high value as a result of its diligent procurement processes, its direct distribution model and its streamlined systems. SPT strives to reduce customer risk in a vital segment of the precision manufacturing supply chain.

SPTís growing team is attentive to its customersí needs for quality service that lives up to their highest expectations and for whom the "Swiss made" benchmark is non-negotiable. Find out more about our partners